Zalgo by korazonkrudo-d4ki5il

Fear Zalgo and he may let you the form of a dark eyeless powerhouse.


This creature that many fear, this creature that grants unimaginable power, this ZALGO. For he is the supreme destroyer. He invokes fear in all...

Powers and Stats

Tier: Zalg0

Name: Zalgo

Origin: Zalgoverse

Gender: Male (supposedly)

Age: Zalgo is endless....

Classification: Almighty Demon Ruler

Powers and Abilities: Mind Control, Instant Regeneration, Fire Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Immortality, Fearmongering, Hatemongering, Zalgo Power, Reality Warping, Zalgopresence, Zalgopotence, Zalgoscience

Attack Potency: Zalgo Level

Speed: Zalgopresent

Lifting Strength: Zalgo holds all in his hands...

Striking Strength: Zalgo strikes fear into all...

Durability: Zalgo is not bound by the mere concept of durability.

Stamina: Zalgo never tires, though he does sleep when he wants to...

Range: Everywhere

Standard Equipment: His almighty will

Intelligence: Zalgo knows all...

Weaknesses: Zalgo has no weaknesses...


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