Yune is legitmately the most powerful dragon in all of the Omniverse. She is the progneitor of all dragons, all dragons that have, will, and can exist. As such, she has extraordinary power, rivaling that of Riley before she trained exquisitely.


Her appearance usually depends on her mood, but the current pic is how she currently looks. She usually looks ver childlike in nature, despite being Older Than Creation She has blue eyes, jewel like and they sometimes sparkle randomly. She wears a normall white dress with glass slippers ( yes, she stole them from Cinderella. ) 


She has a pretty big ego, usually more so than the majority of the other riley's reincarnations. She isn't all arrogant, just slightly so, and demmands the absolute respect she deserves from lesser beings, often wanting to be called in honorifics rather than normal speech.She loves to do pranks, fool around, enjoys sweets, and mess around with her hootheaded rival: The hotheaded Knight