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Ah YouTube. The world's most popular video site. Nothing needs to be said that isn't known. Usually you can find cat videos, YouTube Poops, generic pop videos with hundreds of millions of views, overzealous copyrights, comment sections that make you question humanity, name it.

Power of the Verse

Varies HEAVILY. You have the crappiest of the crappy, the most broken and memetic beings out there...gee whiz.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse


  • ConsumingFire (for anime/video game soundtracks and funny videos)
  • SoyHop (Does the same as Skod, cause idiots can't just sell it on iTunes or Google Play)
  • TISSG7Redgrave (likes to watch lot of things there just comments can give him cancer (not literally))
  • Alexcar3000 (YouTube Poops are the best!)
  • Volcatharsis
  • Mcdonalds Manager (Searching for them Jojokes)
  • Soel404


  • Professor Voodoo (still loves watching videos and listening to music, but their copyright system is disgusting, and the new Heroes policy is atrocious)
  • Serpent of the Internet 97 (There is great content within Youtube with many hard working and entertaining content creators, but the vast majority contains of either nonsense or pandering and the website itself is very poor with no respect for most non-idiotic content creators and a pathetic copyright/report system)
  • Errorsaness (The site has restricted free speech and will soon take it away entirely. The idiotic people flag people that aren't idiotic and know what they're talking about and the youtube elite will bully those who they see doesn't fit what they say and then demonitise and discredit them but as long as free speech isn't taken away I can't be an opponent to it.)
  • Crabwhale (Thinks the site has gone to total and absolute shit, though still gets most of his entertainment from it and can't deny that it does provide for a great deal of people, so neutral.)


  • PlozAlcachaz (The site has completely gotten rid of free speech)

Character Profiles

Three Gods of YouTube

The Three Meme Lords


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