Majestic Booty

Attached to arguably the hottest women in the Bleach-verse, Yoruichi's booty has defied mankind by one-shotting Aizen by merely glancing. You heard it here by Killer Keemstar, folks. Don't believe me? Look at the image on the right. Not even Sosuke Aizen, the man who did this to his own creator. Crazy? Right?

Powers and Stats:

Tier: Supah Hot Fire (too hot to handle)

Name: Yoruichi Shihoin's booty, best pillow, perfect, ultra fine behind, etc.

Origin: Bleach

Gender: Female

Age: over 200 years but still looks flawless

Classification: gluteus maximus

Powers and Abilities: One Glance Kill

Attack Potency: True Infinity, so much that it has gotten its own frame

Speed: True infinity/as fast as Yoruichi wants.

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Irrelevant

Durability: As long as Yoruichi can last ;)

Stamina: As much as it can take ;)

Range: True Infinity

Standard Equipment: Sexy legs and the rest of Yoruichi.

Intelligence: Irrelevant

Weaknesses: None notable.

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