yoda is the weakest fighter in the jedi order confirmed

Power and Stats

Tier: High 10-C (Can lose to normal humans, but rats are still no match for him)

Name: Yoduh

Gender: Yodan?

Origin: Ster Warts

Age: Over 900

Classification: Weakest Jedi Master

Powers and Abilities: The Force, Lightsabaplay, being stupid, being weak, being hated by George Lucas, wimp, longevity, being one of the worst fighters in the order.

Attack Potency: Human Level (fought an old guy named Sidious)

Speed: Sub-Human Level (Only enough to dodge the Stormtrooper, though their awesome because Obi Wan said so).

Lifting Strength: Sub-Human Level (Very weak)

Striking Strength: Class Garbage (outfought Sidious and Dooku for some time)

Durability: Garbage Tier (Sticks and Stones can break his bones)

Stamina: Is so weak, he can barely last minutes fighting, and needs to go around in a wheelchair.

Range: Whatever is right next to him

Standard Equipment: old jedi robes and a floating wheelless wheelchair

Intelligence: Is very, very stupid. Scored a negative IQ, and even lost to Monkey D. Luffy on an IQ test race, and he can't even talk right! Straightforward in battle, completely vanilla with lightsaber combat (Wookiepedia said so), is an Armchair general with absolutely no battle experience. All he does is lecture Jedi Padawans.

Weaknesses: George Lucas' Fairy Dust will instantly kill him, is incredibly stupid, and is really hated by George Lucas.


Notable Victories

Mace Windu

Count Dooku

Notable Defeats

The Ewoks (they stomp)


Han Solo

Darth Sidious

Jar Jar Binks

Monkey D. Luffy (stomp)

Inconclusive Matches


All of Yoda's Best Feats

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