Wormy Closeup precious!

Monster Wormy

Many a child has had nightmares over this abomination!


Ah Wormy. A beautiful, cute worm....that was devoured by a monster who wreaked havoc on Bikini Bottom....Wormy, we hardly knew ye. As for the butterfly monster, well some say it continues to wreak havoc to this day....

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 10-C | Scary ASF

Name: Wormy | The Monster That Ate Wormy

Origin: SpongeBob SquarePants

Gender: Likely male | Unknown

Age: Less than a year old | Unknown

Classification: Worm | Monster

Powers and Abilities: Being Cute | Terrorism, Pyrokinesis, Death Stare, Fear Inducement, Flight, Loud Buzzing

Attack Potency: Low-End Below Average | Monster Level

Speed: Below Average | Faster Than A Jump Scare

Lifting Strength: N/A | Unknown

Striking Strength: N/A | It strikes fear in your heart

Durability: Low-End Below Average | Difficult to analyze

Stamina: Low | Limitless

Range: Less than an inch | As far as fear can spread

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: Low | Moderate (Is mostly a fearmongerer)

Weaknesses: It's a worm | Foes that aren't afraid of it

Key: Wormy | The Monster That Ate Wormy


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