“Obey Weegee destroy Mario“

Ultimate Weegee1

Ultimate Weegee

Head yea

Super Ultimate Weegee


"Weegee" is an internet meme and a powerful villainous being superficially resembling Luigi.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Memetic | Beyond Memetic | Beyond Beyond Infinitely Memetic+

Name: Weegee

Origin: Gay Luigi's Rage

Gender: Male

Age: 815 years old

Classification: Lord of the Weegees, Dark Overlord

Powers and Abilities: Weegee Virus, The power to turn others into Weegee Clones, Eye laser Vision, Death stare (Ignores conventional durability), Godly Regeneration and Immortality (Type 1, 3 and 8)

Attack Potency: Memetic | Beyond Memetic

Speed: Memetic | Beyond Memetic

Lifting Strength: Memetic | Beyond Memetic

Striking Strength: Memetic | Beyond Memetic

Durability: Unknown, he can always reborn from an enraged Luigi

Stamina: Vastly never-ending

Range: Omnidirectional

Standard Equipment: His eyes

Intelligence: Chaotic

Weaknesses: Staring into a mirror

Key: Normal Weegee | Ultimate Weegee | Super Ultimate Weegee


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