Waruto Kyuubi Mode



Waruto wanted to be the greatest ninja and get all the yen for himself. He was a greedy man.

Powers and Stats

Tier: -1

Name: Waruto

Origin: Mario Bros./Narutoverse

Gender: Male (a really ugly male)

Age: In his 40s

Classification: Fat Ugly Ninja

Powers and Abilities: Garlic Powers, Gold Digging, Anime, Farting, Super Chakra | Beast Instincts, Unlimited Chakra, Fire Farts, Ultimate Greed

Attack Potency: Fat Ninja Level | Angry Fat Ninja Fox Level

Speed: Faster than the smell of his farts hit your nose | As fast as the speed of gold

Lifting Strength: Mario's Castle!!! | Mario's Castle With Gold!

Striking Strength: Super Stanky Chakra Fists | Old School Gold Digging

Durability: Multiple Garlic Layers | Unbreakable Gold!

Stamina: Unlimited (He's getting that gold)

Range: Stinky | REALLY STINKY

Standard Equipment: Garlic, Kunai

Intelligence: Flunked out of ninja training and went gold digging

Weaknesses: Obsessed With Gold, smells like a bum

Key: Normal | Kyuubi Mode


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