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"Powers" and Stats

Tier: Below the concept of tiers

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Killer Croc explaining how he solo'd the RWBY verse.

Name: Ruby (or spelt idiotically like RWBY)

Origin: CockTeeth

Gender: Futa (just look at Blake's package) 

Age: 3 years

Classification: Wall Level (deal with it)

Powers and Abilities: Spinning guns around (instead of you know, shooting them.)

Attack Potency: The god tiers are rumored to be Low Point Level (May be hyperbole though)

SpeedUnknown (They move really slow, but that could just be the shit animation)

Lifting StrengthExotic Matter Class



Striking Strength: Was able to strike a deal with ScrewAttack (and this was the result)

DurabilityMicrosoft Kinect Level

Stamina: May not run another season (we can only hope)

Range: 6.9 x 10^ -420 times the length of a quantum string

Standard Equipment: Taking an ineffective weapon and slapping a gun on it. (Because it's not like crime fighting hunters need to be efficient or anything, right?)

Intelligence: Experts at dairy farming (each episode is cheesy as fuck) 

Weaknesses: Big walls, Walls with dimensions (little know fact is that the walls WLBY can bust are actually negative infinite dimensional Hilbert space ones)


Notable Victories: The concept of victory is inapplicable to WLBY characters

Notable Losses:

VS Battles Chat



Vine Memes

Chuck Norris (is this a stomp? Yes. But who cares it's RWBY.)

FoodFight and DBS ep 5 (via animation quality)

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Justin Bieber, Yamcha and ScrewAttack Luigi laughing at how weak WLBY is.