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Vladimir Putin, it is well known, is the current president of Russia. What is less known is that by drawing from an infinite tap of energy at the core of the universe, called the Real Power, Putin can acheive strength nearly on par with Chuck Norris, and possibly exeeding Captain Falcon and Sagata Sanshiro. He has a direct link with the Russian nuclear arsenal, allowing him to launch ICBMs at any opponent at will, and that is his weakest attack (although it is generally recognized as his signature move). His power is multiplied tenfold when he isn't wearing a shirt, doubled when he is riding a horse, multiplied 5 times when he is riding a shark, and multiplied ten times when he is riding a bear. He can also double his power for every inch longer the gun he is holding is. His power is also tripled when he is within the former Soviet border and also in the city of Moscow itself, as the Real Power is more concentrated there. The last man who attacked him lived a half-life.

Tier: 1-B

Name: Vladimir Putin

Gender: UberMale (Infinitely manly)


Origin: Soviet Russia

Classification: O.P. K.G.B. C.C.C.P., G.H.I.P.

Attack Potency: Hyperverse Level+

Speed: Human, but can propell himself using nuclear bombs in the seat of his pants.

Lifting Strength: Irrelevent, he dosen't need to lift something if he can blow it up.

Striking Strength: Hyperverse Level

Durability: Hyperverse Level

Stamina: Irrelevent. He dosen't ever get tired, and besides, he's riding a bear.

Range: Infinite

Standard Equipment: Klashnikov assault rifle, nuclear arsenal, no shirt, his pet bear

Intelligence: He knows everything that anyone in Russia knows, and has their combined intelegince so Omniscient

Weaknesses: Are you kidding? Well, actually, the more clothes he is wearing over his chest, the weaker he gets.

Powers and Abilities: He dosen't need abilities. He just hits you.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: See above.


"I'll show you what real power is."

"Did someone say, "Real Power?"

"Ha ha!!! I win! Russia wins! You lose! REALLLL POWEEERR!!!" (After dropping Chuck Norris. He incinerated Chuck, but scince even as an almagam of particles, Chuck is still stronger than death, so he couldn't kill him, and Chuck then healed and beat Putin.)


Notable Victories:

  • Angella Merkel
  • Recep Tayyin Erdogan

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Dmitriy Medvedev

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