Hey, Joke Battles! Time for an obligatory tweet and instagram post about my personal life! Oh, and don't forget to LIKE, FAVORITE, COMMENT, SHARE, RATE, TWEET, EMBED, JACK-OFF TO AND SUBSCRIBE!!! (PS, don't sue). In this episode let's dicuss PC Era appropriate open minded thoughts and- *GETS DELETED*

Power and Stats

Tier: C01NC1D3NC3, at least

Name: Who cares, he's not Micheal.

Origin: Some cameo on Micheal's video, then he got permission to make a spin-off channel

Gender: Trans-pan-fluid-al/el. (Also known as, PC-Era Sensitive)

Age: Probably 60

Classification: YouTuber, Spin-Off channel

Dope Factor: None. (He is apparently hipster straight edge levels of cringe and queasy when it comes to anything even remotely MLG)

Attack Potency: He at least lifts (check his instagram)

Speed: Yeah, he does that drug

Lifting Strength: Massively Sub-Human (curls 10lbs. MY LITTLE SISTER LIFTS MORE)

Striking Strength: Around Sub-Human Scum

Durability: Barrage of angry SSJ SJW tweets- (pussied out instantly)

Stamina: Jogged for like, 20 seconds

Range: Low Internet range- (Primarily on tumblr and twatter these days)

Standard Equipment: Hipster Glasses, Macbook

Intelligence: Knows how to google shit and get wit da kidz.  

Weaknesses: His feelings, having hair, being as good as Micheal, having a conscience, SJW bait > common sense

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