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Micheal Stevens, better known as VSauce, is a YouTuber who began his career as a video game dicussion channel, and relating them to science and such, before even GameTheory. However, as time went by Micheal went about a new series on his channel, answering and featuring some of the greatest questions humans have about the universe, rather than games. This series was called .DOT and eventually paved the way for his current mainstream identity, as a science YouTube channel. He has also made offshoot channels to continue some of the content he used to make, on channels VSauce2 and VSauce3, hosted by Kevin Lieber, and Jake Roper respectively. DONG (Do Online Now, Guys) is its own channel, too.

Now Micheal has taken science into his life, dropped some weight, and has become the embodiment of science itself.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Deep Ocean

Name: Micheal Stevens

Origin: YouTube

Gender: Male

Age: Old enough to be bald+

Classification: Science Tuber, White Guy with Glasses

Powers and Abilities:

- Answering the deepest questions ever

- Existing beyond existence

- Moved the world with his videos

- Made sure God had a reason to not exist with twenty seconds of a YouTube video

Attack Potency: Beyond scientific understanding

Speed: Peak God+

Lifting Strength: Found the genitals of the fattest person on Earth by lifting their stomach to the point where he made a new discovery.

Striking Strength: Pose+

Durability: Unrustled jimmies

Stamina: About one TED talk. He lost allot of weight over the years.

Range: The internet

Standard Equipment: Video camera, glasses

Intelligence: There is no human which can ever conceive a word or sentence that describes even an fraction of an aspect of his beautiful omniscience.  

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