Sniper king

God usopp by m4mystery-d7j6ee7

Powers and Stats

TierBeyond 360 MLG Quickscoping | Beyond 360 MLG no scoping | Sniped His Own Tier

Name: Usopp | Sniper King | UsGod | Sniped his name

Origin: Sniper King Island, Sniped the island, Sniped his origins

Gender: Male | Genderless as UsGod

Age: Sniped his age | No age as UsGod

Classification: Sniper, Sniper King, Sniper God, Sniping Snipers, Sniped his classification

Powers and Abilities: Sniping, sniping snipers, Snipingpotence, sniping skills, sniping beyond all, sniper, 1-hit kill sniping, resistant towards 1 hit kill sniping, sniping first, sniping beyond aimbot, sniping as sleep, sniping other snipers before they can snipe, able to tag an unrestricted Chuck Norris without a sniper... while dying

Attack PotencyBeyond Sniping | Beyond Sniping+ | Sniping Beyond Sniping and Comprehension | Sniped Attack Potency

SpeedBeyond Sniped You First | Beyond Sniped You First+ | Sniped You Before You Sniped | Sniped Speed

Lifting Strengthlifting his sling shot | Sniped Lifting Strength

Striking Strength:1-hit kill | Sniped Striking Strength

DurabilityBeyond Getting 1-Shot | Beyond Getting 1-Shot+ | Sniped Durability

Stamina: Absolutely no limits, Sniped Stamina

Range: Beyond complexgoogolplexian e10e100decimillion^e10xinfinity^xinfinity^xinfinity^xinfinity

Standard Equipment: Sling shot, infinite ammunition, his mask, his cape

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, Sniped Intelligence 

Weaknesses: sniped his weaknesses

Sniper King song:

Oh, the wind carries my name

from Sniper Island far away.

When I take aim, it is straight and true,

lu lu la la lu.

Whether you're a man or a mouse:

Lock on!

I will put YOUR heart in my sights,


No ONE knows what secrets hide

behind this mask and my cape.

Lu lu lu lu lu la la!

There is no escape!

(sniper king sniper pa pa)

Sniper King aims true!

Other Edits

Usopp Sniping Montage:

One Piece - Top 5 Most Epic Usopp Moments03:47

One Piece - Top 5 Most Epic Usopp Moments

Sniped the Montage

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

Key: Sniper Mode | Sniper King | Sniper God | Sniped Key

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