Well it was... Something

Powers and Stats

Tier: So weak that shit tiers look like dante anthony redgrave, haruto fuyamashi, skodwarde the almighty, teh docturr and exaggerated goku I Can make memetic tier look extremely pathetic I WHATEVER IT WANTS

Name: User-Created Tier

Origin: Joke Battles Wiki

Gender: Unknown but is mostly referred to as a he or an it to trigger tumblr in a atomsecond

Age: 1 since the joke battles wiki is made in 2015 I Better off unknown

Classification: Look at it's name.

Powers and Abilities: Whatever powers it wants I ALL THE POWERS, ALL OF IT

Attack Potency: Likely Unknown

Speed: Ran and Flied to joke battles wiki right away in December 1

Lifting Strength: None to Incomprehensible

Striking Strength: None to Incomprehensible

Durability: None to Incomprehensible

Stamina: It's just a tier, Why does it need one?

Range: Not sure about that

Standard Equipment: ALL THE WEAPONS

Intelligence: If it was a person and had intelligence, I'd say it's smart as hell

Weaknesses: Will never be a joke battles tier, EVER(lasting). Ryukama or SoyHop pointing out that memetic tier >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> user created tier

Key: Weak Variation (just in case for challenging below weak characters like the one below all I Strong Variation (The Most OP Form)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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