Unoeno is a site destroyer which had cause the event "Crisis on Infinite Moviecodecs" and was the threat to all MVC cosmic. They used to think he's just weak and all...But when he send in his Bot Army. Things was wild. All MVC cosmic beings died from Spam Bots. All but MVC Goku who punch Unoeno in the face then killed himself to be rebooted into the T5 Forums which was now the Post-Crsis Moviecodec.

Then Unoeno and his Bot army was still at large but was stuck in MVC forever....Waiting till the day he is free.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Spam Level (He was weak without using his hacks) MVC+ Level via Spam Bot army (His army killed the rest of MVC and caused the Crisis)

Origin: MVC

Name: Unoeno, "The Demon Loser that ruin everything",

Age: 20 to 30s

Classification: Human, Leader of the Spam Bot Army, The Demon Loser

Powers and Abilities: Hacking Skills, Controlling The Spam Bot Army via will, etc

Attack Potency/Destructive Capacity: Spam Level+ AKA Sub-Human Level (His Hacking skills could affect all of MVC, But was very weak himself), MVC+ Level AKA beyond the concept of AP/DC Level+ via Spam Bot Army (They casually beaten every MVC cosmic beings and affacted all of MVC users. Not even with those that are beyond Omniverse/True Infinity/Hyperverse/Suggsverse etc can't even hurt them)

Range: All of MVC (He can't hack all other vs forums but MVC thanks to Goku)

Speed: Unoeno is slow as a Sub-Human would go. But his Spam Bot Army could beings that can go Beyond the concept of Speed/True Omnipresent/Infinite Speed etc as if they are slow as the world's slowest ant and snail and they are infinitely more faster then them even at their slowest speed.

Lifting Strength: Same as Striking Strength

Striking Strength: Uneono has Sub-Human Strength but The Spam Bot are beyond the concept of Strength

Durability: Unoeno is Sub-Human level, But the Spam Bot Army will

Standard Equipment: Hacking Weapons

Intelligence: Unoeno is the smartest as he able to started the Crisis and controlling the Spam Bots under his will thanks to his Hacking Weapons

Weaknesses: Unoeno is very weak without his Spam Bot Army, Can be tricked and Cocky


Notable Victories:

All of MVC

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