Ultra Trippy Cosmic Brownies

If you eat this, better be prepared for the cosmosis dude...


As dank as the cosmos themselves, lit up and shined, these brownies are truly out of this world!

Powers and Stats

Tier: 420++

Name: Ultra Trippy Cosmic Brownies

Origin: MLG DankVille

Gender: Brownies have no gender

Age: Aged outside space/time in the dankest cosmos deep beyond

Classification: Brownies

Powers and Abilities: Cosmic Enlightenment, Stargazing, Astral Projection, Enhanced Galactic Hearing

Attack Potency: Cosmic Powered

Speed: Infinity and Beyond

Durability: Big Bang Infinity Level+++

Stamina: Beyond Limitless

Range: Beyond Infinity

Intelligence: A deeper meaning of wiseness and clarity

Weaknesses: Inexperienced users and/or weak minded characters will go through bad trips after consuming it. (Recommended that only Dank characters and the most powerful minded consume this) Also, the effects last 8 hours.

Note: The stats only take effect after consumption

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