U2 (Band)

Tier: 10-b

Name: Individual Members: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., Ivan McCormick, Peter Martin, Dik Evans

Origin: Dublin

Gender: Together, as 1

Age: Band is 39

Classification: Generous Band, Bunch of Brits.

Powers and Abilities: iTunes Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Free Shit Manipulation +

Attack Potency: Ear Level+

Speed: Releases an ablum once every few years: Slow as all hell

Lifting Strength: Can lift fans hearts out of darkness

Striking Strength: The Guitarist can strike strings to make sound.

Durability: Survived through the 80's and the 90's, pretty damn durable

Stamina: Can perform songs for an hour live.

Range: Any large stadium

Standard Equipment: Auto tune, guitar, bass, drums, equalizer, and lots and lots of alcohol

Intelligence: Doesn't understand that we don't want albums pre-purchased, even when it's free

Weaknesses: Generosity


Notable Victories:

The Good Pirate (He liked the free album)

Notable Losses:

Everyone else who owns iTunes.

Common Sense.

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