Overall Power and Stats

Tier: 3-A l 3-A

Trixie looking at you by dcencia-d78u7hy



Trixie with Alicorn Amulet

Name; Trixie

Nickname(s): Unknown.

Classification: The Sinister Trickster l Unkown

Age: 18 ( Is roughly

Origin: DBZ X MLP

Destructive Capacity: Universal Level ( Rivals Twilight's base power . ) l  Universal Level ( Completely eclipses Princess Celestia's Power, whom rivals Whis.  ) 

Speed: MFTL+ ( Rivals Twilight's base power ) l MFTL+

Range: Universal l Universal 

Lifting Strength Unknown l Unknown

Striking Strength: Universal Class (Rivals Twilight's Base Power )  l Universal Level ( Completely Eclipses Celestia's Power. ) 

'Stamina: Nigh-Limitless for as long as he wished. ) l Limitless '( As long as she has the Amulet on, she cannot tire. ) 

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