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Powers and Stats

Tier: (Snakes on a plane reference here)

Name: All of them Goku

Origin: Goku balls

Gender: Saiyan

Age: Since vs battles were born

Classification: Over used vs battle character

Powers and Abilities: Laser hands

Attack Potency: All of them

Speed: All of them?

Lifting Strength: 50 tons all of them

Striking Strength: Wall level

Durability: I can't take much more

Stamina: Unlimited ideas 

Range: All of them

Standard Equipment: I lost track...

Intelligence: All retarded

Weaknesses: Himself

Feats: More then 20 profiles for a single character

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Being shit and OP


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Mayron Starek Legenrok

Inconclusive Matches: