Kubo the king of troll society by neoillumini-d3irewv

King of Troll society


Creator of Bleach manga and King/God of Troll society. Gives everyone a ridiculous hax, created Aizen, the physical embodiment of trolling. Will troll your fandom to nothing.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Troll Hax

Name: Tite Kubo (aka Lord of Trolls)

Origin: Aizen, Troll society

Gender: male

Age: 38

Classification: Manga artisit/author, Rock star of Shonen jump manga

Powers and Abilities: Troll manipulation, Manga manipulation, Can bestow trolling powers to other manga artists, Can one shot someone if they are boring, White space manipulation, Plot manipulation.


Bow down to the troll god.

Attack Potency: At least Page level+

Speed: at least Massively-Faster-Than-Fandom+++ (Trolls his own fandom once a week)

Lifting Strength: Lifting Hax level+

Striking Strength: Hax?

Durability: Hax again?

Remiqnet 14395

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: Multiverse (Can stretch out to your favorite shows be it his own or someone else's)

Standard Equipment: Multiple pencils and coloured ones of course just black and white..mainly white, Plotkai

Intelligence: beyond base Aizen but below self aware Aizen 

Weaknesses: Self aware Aizen

Others Edit

Notable Victories:

Masashi Kishimoto

The Bleach-verse (Except Aizen)

Eiichiro Oda

Hiro Mashima

Your fandom

Notable Losses:


He one shotted the author of Naruto

Self aware Aizen (His own creation turned against him)

Inconclusive Matches:

Tumblr lubyhne9Ye1qci45y

His disicple, the author of Fairy Tail.


Kubo Is Defeated By Aizen's Keikaku's

Tumblr mmtowb5kRj1sostyqo1 500

Since when...

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