Tier: Barely superhuman

Name: Tifa Lockheart

Age: Triple D

Classification:RPG Character (Thereby rendering all feats invalid), General Zodd in "Man of Steel"

Origin: That RPG game that apperently no one plays

Gender: Seriously? Those things under her neck are kind of hard to miss...

Powers and Abilities: Lifting stuff I guess. But doesn't count because Lolgameplay. 

Attack Potency: Her Final Heaven hits with the force of an atomic blast Beneath Frog Level. Because using gameplay is A-OK as long as it nerfs Tifa.

Speed: Dodged Bahamut's Laser, but it was super slow anyway. Slow motion? Cinematic timing? The hell are those?

DurabilityShould be Continent Level based on in-lore details, consistent feats and calculations even without power scaling, and the fact that she's present for every fight in the game's canon, including the fight with Sephiroth, but it's all just gameplay. Even cutscenes are gameplay. And if you won't accept Continent Level+ Tifa, there's still Island Level Tifa but let's ignore that too because fuck you. It's perfectly acceptable to spam author statements and common fallacies like NLFs till the cows come home, but Solar System Level Cloud and Continent Level Tifa? Absurd! They didn't even look that strong in the movie.

Lifting StrengthHas a petaton level feat based on the large crater after flipping Daimond Weapon 

Barely even wall level. Throwing Cloud at Mach 1 is her only feat.

Striking StrengthSee Attack Potency.

Standard equipment: Premium Hearts and Lol bewbs

Weaknesses: Her feats needing to be on-screen at all times, documented by Square Enix, Obama, Jesus, and Chuck Norris approved, and constantly spoon-fed to the audience to be considered even close to feasible.| Her supporters all going off to hang themselves after the travesty that proved the opposing side "right"| Slaps

Intelligence: High intelligence with THAT rack? puh-lease

Range: Chair level | Slap range

Stamina: Only lasts long enough for Limit Breaks, but immediately drops back down to low human level once she uses them. Because THAT'S totally not a gamplay mechanic, but all that other stuff is.

Notale Victories: Some frogs I guess? Naruto Uzumaki (Downplayed) (Stomp)

Notable Losses:  We do not speak of it...

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