A system made with the intellect of all the smartest characters and admins to tier the masses.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Tier.

Name: Tiering system

Origin: (ask the admins :D)

Gender: Is a system, so...anything.

Age: Tier.

Classification: Tiering System.

Powers and Abilities: Tier manipulation, Power manipulation, and Ability manipulation.

Attack Potency: Beyond all it has tiered.

Speed: Faster than all it has tiered.

Lifting Strength: Stronger than all it has tiered.

Striking Strength: Stronger than all it has tiered.

Durability: More durable than all it has tiered.

Stamina: More stamina than all it has tiered.

Range: More range than all it has tiered.

Standard Equipment: All of the equipment it has tiered.

Intelligence: It tiered everything, so yeah... 

Weaknesses: Anything that it has not yet tiered. 

Notable Attacks/Techniques: All of the attacks it has tiered.

Insta Tieration: Instantly tiers everything it 'sees'.


Notable Victories:

Everyone tiered.

Logic himself(could not be truly tiered).

Notable Losses:

Future BrokenLord (his tier is so high it broke the tiering system)

Himself(couldn't tier).

Inconclusive Matches:

Anyone not yet tiered.

Note: Please ask permission before changing something, beyond himself so beyond all logic lol.

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