The artist here is dead and this is not what it actually looks like, this is what they describe about it.

L 0 L. Why does this page exist or even exist in the community when he can solo all. This page is 0% accurate and all a lie.

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An Example of good anime being ruined in the Paradox

Lets create a Matrix and a glitch in the fabric of the JBW System, shall we?

He is beyond above, beyond ascending, beyond beyond, beyond transcending, beyond surpassing and beyond boundlessly beyond above everything, beyond everything, everyone, beyond eveeyone, anyone, beyond anyone, anything, beyond anything, all concepts, beyond all concepts, all existence, beyond all existence, non-existence, beyond non-existence, all reality, beyond all reality, non-reality, beyond non-reality, all fantasy, beyond all fantasy, non-fantasy, beyond non-fantasy, all fiction, beyond all fiction, non-fiction, beyond non-fiction, all sci-fyi, beyond all sci-fyi, non-sci-fyi, beyond non-sci-fyi, all possibility, beyond all possibility, all impossibility, beyond all impossibility, all nothingness behind everything, beyond all nothingness behind everything, nothing, beyond nothing and beyond imaginable, beyond imaginable, unimaginable, beyond unimaginable, existing, beyond existing, non-existing, beyond non-existing, thought, beyond thought, non-thought, beyond non-thought, all possibility, beyond all possibility, all impossibility, beyond all impossibility and beyond ever. He is the most powerful being in existence, beyond existence, non-existence, beyond non-existence, nothingness, beyond nothingness, nothing, beyond nothing and beyond imaginable, beyond imaginable, unimaginable, beyond unimaginable, thought, beyond thought and beyond the meaning of beyond. Stronger than you noob.



The Devil Himself is the very manifestation of the very concept of Evil, Destruction, Hell. We cannot describe its Powers and Stats but we human beings cannot describe it with our 0-Dimensional Brain Cells even if we Downplay or Wanked it. It wasn't even 0 percent accurate. Everything you seen at the bottom was all, A L-I-E. Every verse was all A L-I-E and don't believe anything about any verse because they were all L.I.E.S. He transended concepts and all verses.


Name: Not the Frickin Black Devil and it's not  The Devil Himself, his true name will obliterate even beyond anything you could imagine - non imagine - Reality - Non Reality - All Wikias - No wikias- existence - non-existence will be gone in less than -0.00000000000000000000000001 zeptoseconds Suprusingly, he soloed the Fricken Black Devil and The Devil Himself.

Standard Equipkent: Moo.MP3, a box of Derpy's Muffins, Daniel's Kool-aid (Stole the secret recipe or the drug), Yxz's Chainsaws, A box of retarded Roasted Charcoal,The Final Pam's Nuke's ,Cater456What's Lasers, The King's Engine, Chucky's Puck, A character that slashes everyone on this wiki's Knife, Just kIDDing, I DON'T NEED STANDARD EQUIPMENT.

He is not dead or alive and he is not a verse but a glitch in the JBW system itself. It wants to manifest both to destroy the P-a-r-a-d-o-x and Jokes Battle Wiki. He hides his true identity to the Existence - Non-Existence, The Internet, JBW, OBFW, VSBW. Reality - Non Reality. He's is immune to everythin. He surpass all wikis.


Derpy Hooves, Fat Mom, Flan Chan Composite, Sigma, Logan Paul, Yxz, YOU, This Existence, MLPLover2011, 2hu Compsoite, MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA, This Page, All types of Infinity, Remilia Chan composite, MLPlover2011 the return, Soeul404, Eternal Figure, Thanos exaggerated, Uselessnoob245, Scratch Team, MaxFoward, YOUR USELESS VERSES, Cater456What, Vegito Exaggerated, Zeno-Sama, Asriel VS BATTLE WIKI, ASRIEL EXAGGERATED, Chara Exaggerated, Chara vs battle wiki, Jake Paul, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, King Infinity Doubled Downplayed, DIO Brando, Goku - All types google images, The Undeniable Absolute, The Sans above all above the sans above all, SPAM X SPAM, These noobs, Daniel ( Exaggerated ), The Final Pam, this kid making verses, Donald J Trump, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong Un Exaggerated, Stalin, SKA, The nothingness of everything, The Internet, Sans Wanked, Saitama OMNI GOD, Godzilia Cartoon Fight Club, Stop the Hedghog, Kirby Outlier Edition, All the Derpy Hooves real and fakes, Zalgo, The Illuminati CFC or not, Jeffy Wanked, Bill Cipher, Anti Bill Cipher, Chocolate Fish Dog, Sans glitch tale, Yukari Yakumo Composite, Yukari Yakumo wanked, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Dark Goose, Z, Gohan the Presence, A page you can edit, Hostless,, Black Rainbow Dash, Aaron, Rainbow Dash true profile, Gigyas, Ness, Saitama Mythic, Patrick Star, The Sasuke Above All, Adobe Flash Player, Marvel, DC, Your gay self, Errorsansess, Copetan, Matthew and Mario, Kong Da Savage, Clickbait, Anti Bill Cipher, Arceus (Exaggerated and wanked), Asriel Dreemurr (Exaggerated), Asriel Dreemurr (VS battles wiki), Asriel Dreemurr (∞ Power), Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, Azarin, BENIS, Bass.EXE (Amplified), Ben 10 (With all powers of aliens), Beyond, Big smoke, Blue eyes white dragon (Overpowered version), Bowser (Super Smash Bros melee), Broly (Wanked), Captain Falcon (Falcon Punch Edition), Car (Running In The 90s), Cater546WAT, Chowder (Fourth wall Break), Composite 2hu, Composite Mega Man (Wanked), Copoten, Cosmic Armor Superman (Amplified), Cow, Craig Wailliams (Overexaggerated), Crazy Catastrophe, Creysh Bandicoot, Cringe, Crusher, DARKNESS, Dio Brando (Wanked), DMUA, Daffy Duck (Smash Legend Bros.), Daniel (Wanked), Dante Anthony Redgrave, Dark Goose, Dark Lord Himself, Daruto Redwinter, Deikey Kong, DeoxysTwo, Designer Badge, Destruction Papyrus, Diddy Kong (Community Version), Donald John Trump, Dopte Reddinton-Hoppengraver, Draaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeen, Edward Elric (Wanked), Evilminion456, Evil itself, Existence, Exoidia (Wanked), Fat Mom, Felix Kjellberg, Flan-chan (Composite), Flying Dutchmen (Composite), Fredbear, Frisk (Exaggerated) GIANTDAD (COMPOSITE), Gabe Newell, Gaster, Gaster (Exaggerated), God (Digimon), God Arceus, God empeor of neckbeard kind, Godzilla (2020 version), Godzilla (Fusion), Godzilla (Wanked), Godzilla (With Powers of all versions), Gokter546WAT, Goku (google Images), HOSTLESS, Haruto Fuyuyuasumi, Hax Master, Haxor anonymous, god of 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Broomstick, Beerus hake edition, Naruto Wanked, Eternal Figure, A character specifically made to defeat other characters with ease, Russian Naruto, I/O, The spammy page, the news, the entire profile with the name, the fucking black devil, Shaggy Roggers Composite, Yottazettaexapetateragigamegakiloomnihyperxenometamultisuperultranecromillinillidekaseptaoctagoogolfaxulsupraquintazikagiggoforcalboowaplexibukubiggagoshorayomeameaoompainfitransfiversiverse, Emporoer Hirohito, A character, Vladimir Putin Exaggerated, Stalemate, Oblivion Guards, EVERYONE THAT EVEN LOOKS OR THINGS ABOVE THIS PAGE, The meaning of the word Notable Losses, Notable Victories, The concept of the concept of etc, Violet Evergarden, Remilia Scarlet a Vampire, Jotaro, God Motu, Kenshiro, Tuba man, A summary, A Discussion, A title, A wiki, VS BATTLE WIKI, OMNIVERSIAL BATTLEFIELD WIKI, PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR WIKI, JOKES BATTLE WIKI, INTRODUCTION PAGE, A cow, A steve, ALL MINECRAFTS, Real, Fake, Powers and abilities, 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Final Destination 1,2,3,4,5, Popular Pages, Useful Pages, Spit, Vomit, Community, Recent Wiki Activity, Bloplol07, Death Note, Kira, Light Yagami, L, Attack on titan, Eren, Armin, Mikasa. 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Notable Losses: Although Notable Losses doesn't exist in this page.

Erased everything in Existence, outside of Existence, All Wikis, Youtube, You, Reality and Fiction, he even erased the concept of Nothing. The Devil Himself will surpass Derpy Hooves, A character that transcends all concepts, The Fricking Black Devil, Hostless, Yxz, under any circumstances.

Feats: The Devil Itself


Derpy Hooves and MLPLover2011 soloing noobs in the internet before….. they fakud up


Daniel ( Wanked ) after defeating a Y-X-Z and A character…….. thinking that The Devil Itself doesn't know that he was drinking Daniel's Kool-aid but Kool-aid from Walmart.

Tumblr oqfljd9ql01tpip5go1 400

Nuubbboomer 15, on August 6th, 1945 Ballon-Boy dropped Hiroshima on emperor Hirohito's Dick.

Zeno dying-0

Zeno-Sama, totally and completely accurate being erased from existence by just existing


Logan Paul after seeing a ripoff avatar from Google Images

Eric Goes To Jail For Stealing Candy!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Goes To Jail For Stealing Candy!!!!!!!!!!

Fat Mom getting Fu*ked by the Police


The Devil Himself encounters Yxz.


The Devil Himself hanging the Undeniable Absolute and A character specifically made to destroy this wiki and all others with ease.


These heads are so cute tho. Dead MLPLover2011 ( The Return ) Dead Derpy Hooves Dead The Sans Above All Dead Flan-Chan Composite Dead Rainbow Dash ( True Profile ) Dead SONIC.EXE ( Amplifed )


Everyone Unsubscribing from Logan Paul and hanging themselves in the World Wide Web. 誰もLogan Paulからの購読を中止し、World Wide Webにぶら下がっています。


The Devil Himself sliced Chucky with a Hucky Dusty Thrusty Musty Crusty Puck…. Wait, This was a bad Idea……….. Just Kidding XD

Skeleton keys collage

The fate of all Sans ( Exaggerated ), after existing in lest than -0.005 planck / Zeptoseconds


King (Infinitely Double Downplayed), couldn't even handle the Devil Himself's Presence as he turned into rubble and rocks and blocks in the dust.


HOSTLESS parts, after HOSTLESS ripoff body's was hanged and never found again in hell locked in a cell.

Imageedit 9 6906271964

Don't eat that Ice Cream

Imageedit 11 4882822915

Don't point at me…. B**CH


Jason Voorhees thinking he can get away with it…. Nope, I'll expose your rotten crusty ass face into the Community and get your teeth straight. And also i don't give a fu*k about your true power.


Ajimu Najimi (Wanked), the last time she'd be every seen again, viewed again, obliterated in -0.05 planck length with 0% power. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID POWERS AND STATS.


Borat, I should highly consider that you get the Fu*k out of America and go to Kazakhstan or Pakistan. Or i'll rape your head in my throne


I don't care about your stupid spam! I should consider glitching into nonexistence. Obnoxious Spammer moments before…..

Imageedit 1 2104389667

Kuhbas waste being thrown in the trash.


Dead Piegon Waste after committing suscide thinking he won't face the devil himself. (Spoiler):,It doesn't work.


Kim Jong Un massively overpissed after his dick was bring thrown out the window.


I'll make sure when the next paradox comes, I'll destroy the Dragon Balls so El Jirenmano can't ressurect anyone!!!

Papyrus is dead by renmargo-d9tmf9s

Kow King has the same fate as OP Blop.


Crusty snek's although he throwed it out the window and fertilized it.


Stop Swapping, We don't want to create another paradox don't we? Dead swap king being trapped in a paradox of and every loop he gets obliterated with 0% power.


These toys keep me entertained and after the war is over, IT'L ONLY BE ME and the specks of dust and remains.


You've claimed to be an abstract entity as you're saying that you're powers rival that of even the glitch and above. Prove It - Or, I'll obliterate your presence.

Beat note vegeta goku kncoked out

Vegito (exaggerated?¿) Couldn't even function right by The Devil Himself's Presence, leaving only a dead 孫悟空Son Goku孫悟空(Exaggerated) and a dead Vegeta (Double Exaggerated).

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