The Wall.... legendary in VSBattles Wikia, it solos verses left in right but where did it come from? It was born when TheBlueDash realized he can only get Wall Level feats for RWBY, but it was weak and had only began to solo RWBY. Then when DeathBattle's Yang calculations were proven incorrect and SomebodyStupid realized that RWBY's greatest speed feat was actually innaccurate, it grew in size greatly. Then it went on to other verses, like Bleach (soloing it by being greater than Mach 29), Dragon Ball Super (Via Having lasers), Madoka Magica (Via Emofication), and many more.....

Powers And Abilities

Tier: 6-C (Solos Fairytail via greater AP) | Memetic (Makes Oceans out of tears)

Name: Shazam (Turns Captain Marvel back to human)

Age: 9001 (Destroys Vegeta's brain capacity)

Classification: Destroyer of Worlds(Verses)!!, Plot Induced Stupidity Incarnated

Powers And Abilities: PIS (Weakens the opposing character via the plot, used to solo the entire Marvel Omniverse), Laser Beams (Solos DBS), Mind/Soul Manipulation (Emofies Undertale and Madoka Magica til they're all witches or out of determination), Reality Warping (The only kind of hax needed to solo DBS), Kick (used to defeat Ryukama)

Standard Equipment: Kryptonite (Weakens Superman for the kill), Bruce Lee (To kill Chuck Norris), Logic (Uses this to solo many wankers/downplayers), Other M (Uses to poison Samus), Anti-Trap (Used to kill ImagoDesattrolante), BSBattles (Used to solo ALL of VsBattles), Beyond Signal (Used to solo Joke-Battles), Youtube Toilet (Soloed all YTPs), The Ultimate MLG Destroyer (Destroyed the MLG verse), Actual Horror Stories (Soloed Creepypastas), Sushi (After soloing Lovecraft)

Attack Potency: Island Level (Solos real-life Earth) | Memetic+ (Fought the Ultimate Meme destroyer)

Striking Strength: One-Punch Man...+ (One Punched One Punch Man out of existence) | Memetic (Was able to solo The "...."Potence verses)

Lifting Strength: 41 Tons (Lifted Goku to death) | Godly 41 Tons (Lifted SSG Goku to death)

Durability: Wall+ (Resisted all the attacks from RWBY verse) | Memetic Wall+ (When a RWBY character punched it, they blew up)

Speed: High Hypersonic (Mach 30) (Solos Bleach) | Whatever Bleach is +Mach 1 (Destroyed the post upgrades-Bleach)

Intelligence: Ultra High (Completely outsmarted Aizen, Light, Batman, and the embodiment of Chess in Chess without knowing whats going on.)

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Key: Verse Soloer | Unbound


Notable Victories:

  • Your OC
  • Your Favorite Verse
  • Definitely Goku

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Metapod

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