Fictional character fights are no joke.


They are the ones with no souls, he who makes fun of their debates shall burn in their unforgiving fire. Everything must be taken seriously at all times. All the salt in the world could not summarize these guys.

Powers and Stats

Tier: No fun allowed

Name: Usually something edgy

Origin: Too much time in the house

Gender: Male

Age: 12 to 14

Classification: Serious police, killers of fun

Powers and Abilities: Can make nice moments turn into a shit storm within 5 seconds of reading.

Attack Potency: Irrelevant comment level

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Usually takes them about 5 minutes to cause a shitstorm for no reason.)

Lifting Strength: Room level (can just about lift Laptop or computer)

Striking Strength: Wall

Durability: Lower dimensional (Can bleed more salt by getting called even the simplest of insults.)

Stamina: Chair level (Give up after a few days)

Range: Room level

Standard Equipment: Keyboard and mouse

Intelligence: Usually average, though they lack common sense and the ability to reason. 

Weaknesses: Logic and reason. People with souls


Notable Victories:

  • Nothing notable

Notable Losses:

  • Being taken seriously (Ironic I know)
  • Logic and Reason

Inconclusive Matches:

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