The Lion King (Animal Soccer World)

The wild dogs are already practicing shooting a goal. Because shooting a goal is one of the most important things in soccer. Therefore, we should practice that too.

Sucking Dic


Meet The Lion King. The overseer of the game between the Jungle Kings and the Wild Dogs. He's also an "Old Dictator".

Powers and Stats

Tier: Ding0

Name: The Lion King/Old Dictator

Origin: Animal Soccer World

Gender: Male

Age: Presumably of advanced age

Classification: Lion

Powers and Abilities: Poor Animation, Terrible Voice Acting, Lion Senses, Old Wiseness, Eating

Attack Potency: Dingo Pictures Level+ (Seriously...)

Speed: Very Little Animation Frames

Lifting Strength: Lion Class

Striking Strength: Well uh i mean he is a lion and he can eat you. Or maul you to death...

Durability: Old Dictator Level

Stamina: Immense (Would be limitless but he's old)

Range: A Soccer Ball Punted By A Lion

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: High (Lions are smart he's a TALKING LION)

Weaknesses: Presumably old


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