The Lawful Lord Updated


Just like in Newton's second law, for every action is an equal and opposite reaction. BrokenLord's existence meant there needed to be the countermeasure for his Brokenness so the Lawful Lord came to be to counteract Broken but if they joined they wouldn't be able to lose.disease and health they are the two,Twin son of goddess of balance

Powers and Stats

Tier: Lawful

Name: The lawful lord

Origin: Appeared when Broken did never to realize they where opposites that would be the(one of the) most powerful being if they merged

Gender: None but lets just say male

Age: Same as Broken

Classification: Broken's opposite, lord of lawfullness

Powers and Abilities: Lawful manipulation(anti-broken manipulation), age manipulation, time manipulation, mind manipulation,regen high godly to true infinite,healing,true resurrection,necromancy,medicine manipulation,life manipulation,light manipulation,reality manipulation,quantum manipulation,immunity to broken ability (not from Broken for he is the very essence of it),mind manipulation,anti-kill malipulation,anti-

Attack Potency: Lawful

Speed: True Omnipresence

Lifting Strength: Lawful

Striking Strength: Lawful

Durability: Lawful

Stamina: Lawful

Range: True Infinite

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Lawful Omniscience  

Noticeable attacks  

Weaknesses: Is tier0 to anyone tier 0 or less

Note:lawfull beats broken characters while anti broken is a fight and then there's BrokenLord...


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