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The Herd are the followers of Equestria and wielders of the Brony force. They are the messengers of MLP FIM, spreading the gospel of Equestria throughout cyberspace.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Memetic Tier

Name: The Herd

Origin: The internet, MLP FIM

Gender: any

Age: any

Classification: Human, Envoys of MLP

Powers and Abilities: Meme creation, original pony music, ponyfication, Mass plushie buying, Anti-Brony sense, Assimilation, Conquest, Friendship.

Attack Potency: Thread to Site level

Speed: Memetic

Lifting Strength: unknown

Striking Strength: unknown

Durability: unknown

Stamina: The herd never sleeps

Range: The whole internet

Standard Equipment: a computer, pony plush.

Intelligence: unknown

Weaknesses: outside of the internet they are average human level

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Post ponies!


Notable Victories:

  • The internet
  • The superbowl
  • The boundary of girls only shows

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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