"You better watch out.""You better not cry." "You better not pout I'm telling you why." "Gurren Lagann's coming to town."

Powers And Abilites

Tier: 1-C | High 1-A+

Name: Ever, "Sponge"-Azzy

Age: Likely a 4 month old

Gender: Male, I think

Classification: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Downplayer, Admin Beyond Admins, Cheater, Tentacle God's Virgin Sacrifice, FF Wanker, #Corrupt

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To y'all FF haters He doesn't wank it He wanks TO it

Abilities: Internet Warping, Erection, DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE DARK SIDE OF THE WEB!!!, Unrivaled Skill in Kingdom Hearts (Defeated the Unknown three times in a row even when several months out of practice and missing a few commands, all on his first three tries)

Attack potency: Low Complex Multiverse Level+ (Is an admin, so he has control over locked pages) | High Hyperverse Level+ (Can kick out any creator of any wikia from chat (true story), Likely Higher, HIS KICKS WILL KICK THE UNKICKABLE!

Durability: Multiverse Level+ (Can still be kicked out by the heads of a wikia) Also can stay up "literally past midnight"

Speed: Human Level , Immeasureable (Through the use of Cinematic Time)

Intelligence: Low to SomebodyStupid (Supposedly downplays PMMM), extremely high in actuality (Knows that Gurren Lagann is the best anime ever) | Omniscient (Fooled the wiki system and banned the founder of a wiki from their own chat)

Weaknesses: Being reminded Kamina died, Being reminded that Homucifer and Godoka solo TTGL

Range: Finger length+, Internet+ in the Internet

Stamina: Everlasting, Everlasting + in the bed

Standard Equipment: Privilage, Fan-Fic, Eternal Viagra

Feats: Everlasting in the bed, Hated by most of the DBF community, Became Admin fast as fucdge (Likely due to his relation ship with Azzy)

Key: Standard Admin | Privilage



Yeah, hes naked. (P.S This is post-Azzy X Ever sleeping together, just look at all the s**** around him.)

Notable Victories:

-Ryukama (Kicked him the f*** out of his own wikis chat)

-Sheoth (has 3 times as many edits despite being on for 5 months less and banned him from the chat.)

-FanofRPGs (Everytime FanofRPG's brings up an argument against Final Fantasy and Star Wars towards Everlasting, he quickly regrets it)

-Numbers (Creeped him out)

-Matthew Schroeder (via this)

Notable Losses:

-SomebodyData (Won't stop calling him a PMMM downplayer)

Ever's so powerful one pm box isn't enough to contain him.

-Ryukama (unblocked himself, demoted Ever and blocked him.)

-Copetan (updated the block more MLG style.)


Libera Me From Hell -Drum and Bass- (Rayden Remix)06:45

Libera Me From Hell -Drum and Bass- (Rayden Remix)

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