The Bee Gees

Tier: 10-C


Name: The Bee Gees, Not to be confused The Bjs

Origin: Australia 1958

Gender: Maybe male

Age: Too Old to be Relevant

Classification: High Pitched musicians

Powers and Abilities: Dance Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Fanbase Manipulation

Attack Potency: Ear ++

Speed: No more songs, no more speed

Lifting Strength: All the Members are probably dead, so no lifts here

Striking Strength: Can tug on your heart strings until you die.

Durability: None

Stamina: None

Range: Nonexistent

Standard Equipment: Microphone, Autotune

Intelligence: Dead brain cells 

Weaknesses: "Stayin' Alive"


Notable Victories:

The Good Pirate (The only Person left who like them)

Notable Losses:

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