It is here. The Almighty Calculator originates from an age old, long anticipated Texas Instruments project known as the TI-nspire. After great success, it developed a revolutionary color version of this calculator, known as the TI-nspire CX. After much hacking, it was jailbroken, through a program known as ndless, and its power was unleashed, eventually becoming the Almighty Calculator, conquering all of math in the process.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Math Tier

Name: The Almighty Calculator, TI-nspire CX

Origin: Texas Instruments

Gender: Depends on how emotionally attached you are to it...

Age: As long as Mathematics itself

Classification: Ultimate Handheld Calculator

Powers and Abilities: Extlemely efficient math calculation, graphing, 3d graphing, Video games | Omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, etc.

Attack Potency: Class+ Level (Able to completely destroy math class) | The Entirety of the Math Realm

Speed: Super Tester (Able to finish a math test faster than the rest of the class) | Omnipresent (Math Manipulation)

Lifting Strength: Regular Calculator |∞+(Math manipulation)

Striking Strength: Class KJ (Able to destroy your knowledge and learning) | Everything in the Math Realm

Durability: Calculator Level (Don't drop it!) | As Much as Math Allows (More than infinity)

Stamina: Until it runs out of battery, Until your teacher finds out | Largest amount possible in math

Range: Your homework, tests, boredom, and sanity | The Entire Math Realm

Standard Equipment: A large range of scientific sensors | Mathematics

Intelligence: Anything in its memory | Omniscient (Knowing all of math means knowing everything)

Weaknesses: Large and/or difficult problems, glitchy software, constant and annoying patch updates, running out of memory, running out of battery, suspicious teachers | Nothing is impossible with math!

Key: TI-nspire CX | Almighty Calculator


Normal Operation:


ndless Operation (jailbroken, rooted, etc.):

Gameboy Loadscreen

Almighty Operation:

Work in progress


Notable Victories:

  • Your math test
  • Boredom during math class

Notable Losses:

  • Teachers looking behind you
  • Arthur Benjamin

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Mathematica

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