This undefinable possesses the impressive condition that it is just infinitely more powerful in every facet then what it is compared to without fail. anything the compared entity possesses or is, this undefinable possesses in infinitely higher than, additionally this only applies for things that are being compared to or interacting with it and values for it will be infinitely greater than the greatest value that fits the prior conditions and is for the same variable

Powers and Stats

let X equal the greatest value for the statistic in question that is being compared to and or interacting with this thing

Name: N/A and or infinitely cooler than X

Age: infinitely older than X

Origin: Infinitely more pivetal to everything than X

Gender: infinitely more than X

Classification: Infinitely more important than X

Powers and abilities: same as X but Infinitely more potent

Destructive Capability: Infinitely more than X

Range: Infinitely more than X

Speed: Infinitely more than X

Lifting Strength: Infinitely more than X

Striking Strength: Infinitely more than X

Durability: Infinitely more than X

Intelligence: Infinitely more than X

Standard Equipment: same as X, but infinitely more potent, anything that has a specified quantity possesses infinitely more of than X

Stamina: infinitely more than X

Weaknesses: same as X but Infinitely less Affected by it.  Effectively being non existent