Dis is the stronkest peepul

Teh stronkest Supa Space peepul.he began da transformation when his father's brother's only nephew died.he becomed so strongly that he beated every peepul who fight he travel the universe of the galaxy looking for da stronk peepul.


Tier:peepul level+_

speed:ran around Teh universe of Teh galaxy while flying at very fast speds on foot

Striking strength:very swagly amazingish

ateck putency:pathetically stronk

equackment:da best kind

stumna:very much lowly high

untlijunce:wat dis word u spek uf

apreance:much lovelily and col luking

Teh Noow Edvonchurs

Teh strongest peepul finale found a stronk peepul to make cumbating wid him.Dis wus Sitama hoo he fight in vary wel cariograft seenes but eventually wus desurmed and beat very hard into Orange pulp.Teh strangest peepul went into a vary depressive estate of griefness.He go to look for more Peepul to fight in ather cariograft fights.But soon he becoming mucher strongerer and next taime when he fight Situma the aotcome is vary differant.HE RIPS OUT SITUMA'S VOCAL CORDS.....AND GORGES THEM DOWN HIS INTESTINES!Wid his vocal cords gone Situma begins cried becuz he cennot becomes a singere.Now da stronkest peepul is boredomed agen and waits for ather stronk peepul.


Hees legusea

Ul da ludies wonted hum very extremely puwurfully but he decided to steel Situmas grill and merry ur.Hea hud furtwunty bhabies who ul made a becuming of puwur ontel hea stul dir puwur end becums teh strangererest peepul tan pruvousl.


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