Tier: low 9-B maybe higher ignores durability with Horrible writing | Redgrave+ likely Memetic | High 2-C, Likley 0 possibly -1 | Impossible to Define (memetic doesn't begin to describe him)

Name: TISSG7Redgrave, Red, TISS
Devil Gene Form

Origin: Vs Battles Wiki (verse)

Gender: Male

Age: Likes to be a 17 year old but is ageless.

Classification: Weapon maniac, Red, Monster, King of Essays, King of Bad luck, SBA-kun, Nazigrave , Destroyer of chats

Powers and Abilities: What u expect from a human, Mind manipulation (Managed to mind fuck a lot of people), Word destroyer (Said to have destroyed the words meaning all together), Can kill people via horrible writing | Killing chats without even trying and scaring ppl away from chat | Creating verses, Minor SBA Manipulation (was the one who gave it form), Resistent to memory wipe and mind manipulation on a 2-A level Only he managed to resist this, Kills peoples internet with a link | Every powers in existence more notable reality warping and plot manipulation

Attack Potency: Low wall casually (cracked a wall as a kid) maybe higher horrible writing erases people from existence | Unknown but can kill chats in an instant likely Memetic (Made SBA Manipulation by his drunkness) | High Multi-Universe, likely omnipotence possibly far beyond omnipotence Proof | Impossible to define

Speed: Average Human with subsonic reactions potentially higher reactions (dodged a firework that went back and forth at point blank as a 3 year old) | Omnipresent | Omnipresent in the chat | Impossible to define

Lifting Strength: Average Human | Redgrave+ likely memetic | Unknown | Impossible to define

Striking Strength: Low Wall | Redgrave+ likely memetic | Unknown | Impossible to define

Durability: Average Human | Multi-universal (can still be kicked by the main heads of the wiki) likely memetic | Multi-Universal (same reasons) likely omnipotence possibly far beyond omnipotence | Impossible to define

Stamina: Can sleep 24 hours in bed or stay up for 24 hours for random things | 24 hours (can stay in the chat for a long time) | Can last for hours and is patient | Impossible to define

Range: Average Human higher with weapons and objects | Can exist outside the chat (if messages overload he can go outside the chat) | Can still exist outside the chat | Impossible to define

Standard Equipment: Objects around him | Keyboard and mouse | Everything

Intelligence: Meh can be as smart but is lazy | Meh | Meh | Impossible to define

Weaknesses: Laziness, being stupid, bad luck | Kill chats and scares ppl unintentionally | Incredible Lag (no longer a problem) | His own creations like Dante Anthony Redgrave can kill him easily

Notable Attacks:

Horrible Writing: He's writing is so bad it can give anyone who looks at it cancer and can erase their very existance

Lag: Legendary Lag until it's so bad for him that it hurts

Bad Luck: His luck is so bad at times that its messes him up badly (there are good lucks but mostly bad)

Key: As a human | Being an regular accountant in a chat | Chat Moderator | Creator

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