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Summary of Verse

The verse was originally started way back in the day, back when YTPs were at their prime of their popularity (Thats like pre-2010 old!). It follows the adventures of Son Goku, someone who should probably lose his parental rights for various reasons, and his friends the Z-Fighters, a group of characters that "help".

Power of Verse

Ranges from Shit level to Popo level. Thanks to Mr. Popo, this verse is a top-tier parody of Dragon Ball Z.

NOTABLE Idiots protected by Plot Shield

- Goku (Team Four Star)

- Vegeta (TFS)

- Gohan (TFS)

- Piccolo (TFS)

Special Characters

- Hall of Justice Heroes

- Dumplin

- Nappa (TFS)

- Spudz

- Puddin

- Mr. Stake

- Captain Richard Ravager III

- Dumplestiltskin

- Dumpae

Not Notable Idiots protected by Plot Shield

*Awkward Silence*

Popo Level

- Mr. Popo

- Shropo

Kami Tier

- Super Kami Guru


Ghost Nappa

- Perfect Cell (Team Four Star)

(Too many to list, not gonna right now)


TeamFourStar by Minyi

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