64 Superman

Not faster than a speeding bullet, can't leap a tall building in a single bound, and not more powerful than a locomotive.


This. This is the Superman no one likes. This character comes from one of the most reviled games ever.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Superman

Origin: That awful Nintendo 64 game

Gender: Male

Age: 64 Bits

Classification: Kryptonian Poop

Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Flight, Heat Vision(needs a powerup), Freeze Breath(needs a powerup), X-Ray Vision(needs a powerup) reality warping (via glitches)

Attack Potency: Wall Level via this calc (His flying attacks can one-shot basic thugs, his weaker attacks are probably Athletic Human Level)

Speed: Air Swimming Through Rings

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Can lift and carry cars)

Striking Strength: Class H with weaker strikes, Class KJ with flying attacks

Durability: Wall Level (Capable of taking multiple bullets and small explosions)

Stamina: Immense (Anyone who can deal with flying through ALL THOSE RINGS is definitely up there)

Range: Melee Range, a least half a city block with thrown objects

Standard Equipment: N/A (His powerups must be found in certain levels)

Intelligence: Might be insane (some criminals ask him "Do you need help" when he punches them so this game might be a bad trip for him)

Weaknesses: Stuttered Movement, Starred in one of the WORST games ever....SO MANY RINGS

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Heat Vision (needs a powerup)
  • X-Ray Vision (needs a powerup)
  • Freeze Breath (needs a powerup)
  • absolute power over glitches


Notable Victories:

  • Everyone who bought it

Notable Losses:

  • Snorlax

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Sonic (Sonic 06)