Superman Kills Zod01:22

Superman Kills Zod




Superman is a character in the DCEU universe known for be massively wanked by his fanboys. BVS movie spoilers ahead.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Higher than 6B to Tier SPEEDBLITZ!

Name: Kal-El, Cav-El, the living speedblitz.

Origin: DC Extended Universe

Gender: Male

Age: 35 in BvS

Classification: Kryptonian

Powers and Abilities: Speedblitz!!!!!!! telescopic, x-ray and heat vision, super senses, super strength, nigh-invulnerability, healing factor, longevity, regeneration with Solar Energy Absorption (he can develop new abilities and grow stronger).

Attack Potency: At least Island level, likely Country level (Capable of harming Doomsday, who knocked around Wonder Woman, effortlessly moved a tectonic plate to prevent an earthquake.)

Speed: Tier-0, SPEEDBLITZ!!!!!

Lifting Strength: Class E (shifted a tectonic plate) to Tier-Stronger than anyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Striking Strength: At least Island Class, likely Country Class (Able to stop attacks from Doomsday with punches) but who needs striking strength? SPEEDBLITZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Durability: At least Island level, likely Country level (Survived numerous blows from Doomsday), he totally tanked that nuke with "NO" visible harm and was up after "two seconds".

Stamina: Tier-Speedblitz!!!!!!

Range: Tier-Speedblitz!!!!!!!!!!!

Standard Equipment: Speedblitz, glasses.

Intelligence: Genius level (though not quite on par with Batman or Lex Luthor)

Weaknesses: Kryptonite, Template:Shia Labeouf

Notable Attacks/Techniques: SPEEEEEEEEEEEEDBLIIIIIIIIIITZ!!!!!!! ..........


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Shia Labeouf (Shia convinced him to kill)

Inconclusive Matches:

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