God Yamcha

Name: Super Saiyan God Yamcha

Tier: -1

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Male

Age: 40-50

Classification: The Legendary Super Saiyan God Bad-Ass Soloer of Every Universe Ever

Powers and Abilities: Every Move in every existence ever + Yamchapotence

Attack Potency: Infinite, Omniversal

Lifting Strength: Over 9,000 Omnitons

Speed: Over 9,000 times faster than Instant

Durability: Infinite

Stamina: Infinite; Survived Over 9,000 Hours in the bedroom with Bulma

Range: Unlimited Range, can break the 4th wall

Basic Equipment: Yamcha saying he can do whatever the hell he wants

Intelligence: Omniscient times 9,001

Weaknesses: Saibaman,Vegeta

Notable Wins: Every Universe Ever in all of Fiction and Non-Fiction except for Vegeta and a Saibaman. Includes Chuck Norris, Shia LaBeouf, John Cena, Hercule, Magikarp, Weedle, etc.

Notable Losses:

Vegeta (DBZ)

Saibaman (DBZ), NONE had any outside help and/or were motivated by Shia LaBeouf

Teh Docturr (Teh Docturr is just too strong)

Inconclusive Matches: Yamcha once fought Himself. It destroyed the Omniverse and resulted in a tie.


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