Kaioken SSJG

Super Saiyan God Stage 2

Final Form Saiyan God


Ah the Super Saiyan God. One of the laziest designs in DBZ history. But what one doesn't know is the original SSG came to be during a fight with Nappa. Then it upgraded even further during a fight with Slug. Until it finally reached its apex during the fight with Beerus.

Powers and Stats

Tier: God Tier

Name: Super Saiyan/Saiya-Jin God

Origin: Dragon Ball Z

Gender: Male

Age: Immeasurable (Gods are supposedly ageless)

Classification: Saiyan/God

Powers and Abilities: Super Speed, Instant Transmission, Universe Shaking, Ki Manipulation, Power Of Friendship, Regeneration (via Senzu Beans)

Attack Potency: God Universe Level

Speed: Massively FTL+, Omnipresent via Godly Instant Transmission

Lifting Strength: Universal Class (stronger than GT Goku who can hoist a universal spirit bomb)

Striking Strength: God Universal Class

Durability: Godly

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Universal, Omnipresent with IT

Standard Equipment: Senzu Beans

Intelligence: Genius in battle

Weaknesses: None....well maybe constipation....



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