Super Kami Guru


The super god guru of all Namekians, and the TFS DBZ universe. Right next to Popo.

He uses his servant bitch Nail as his slave and ass scratcher. And bird killer.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Above Tiers and Gods

Name: Super Kami Guru

Origin: Dragon Ball Z (TFS)

Gender: Beyond Masculinity Male.

Age: Beyond Ageless and Omnipotent

Classification: God, Namekian, Legend

Powers and Abilities:

- Power Unlocking (Makes characters half-decent for one fight)

- Mind Minpulation

Attack Potency: All of reality and fiction+

Speed: Does not need to move, for he has Nail.

Lifting Strength: Namekian Kami+

Striking Strength: Ungodly (Can destroy invincible beings)

Durability: Namekian+ (Gote killed by everyone at the end of Season 2)

Stamina: Fat-Ass

Range: Omniversal + Hyperveral

Standard Equipment: Nail, Little Green

Intelligence: Dr. Gero+ (Tricked all Namekians into killing all the albinos) 

Weaknesses: Fat as shit. Needs Nail to do all of his work.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Unlocking hidden potential and power

- Bird watching





- TR8-T0R (Betrayed the Namekians and albinos, and became a traitor)

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