one of the relatively recent Archivers of the verses battle wiki, Squid peanut is neither a squid nor a peanut. They are in fact a small psychic light bulb with countless black string protruding from the bottom, tangling and going through more dimensions than Squid Peanut can comprehend (he thinks that these strings bother others and get in higher dimensional beings way but has been told that they don't). personality wise Squid is either very optimistic or very scared, he constantly is worrying if what he says to others will make them feel angry, sad, or that he failed them. besides that he wants to be as friendly as possible and be respected

Powers and Stats

Tier: unknown, although he fears he is 10-C, possibly A-1 via string

Name: Squid Peanut, Squid, Peanut, that light bulb string guy

Origin: Vs Battles Wiki (verse)

Gender: genderless but identifies as male for some reason

Age: unknown to all

Classification: light bulb

Powers and Abilities: telekinesis, telepathy, illuminating at the level of a 40 watt bulb, manipulating infinite trans dimensional string

Attack Potency: unknown

Speed: light bulb speed normally, immeasurable across string, FTL with string propulsion

Lifting Strength: subhuman on own, class H with telekinesis, possibly Immeasurable with enough string

Striking Strength: subhuman on own, class H with telekinesis, possibly immeasurable with enough string

Durability: unknown for body (thinks maybe that of actual light bulb), hyperversal for string

Stamina: seemingly infinite

Range: 5 meters with telekinesis, hyperversal with string

Standard Equipment: none

Intelligence: high, but varies when having to concentrate

Weaknesses: that of a light bulb



Notable Attacks/Techniques: making a mass of string and flinging it

Note: Squid Peanut has ideas about how he would fight but lacks any combat experience and doesn't want to just go around swinging wildly.

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