Spengbab Render By Skodwarde

The face of fear.

Happy Spengbab Render By Skodwarde

Shiny happy spongy....

Brutal Spengbab Render By Skodwarde


Original Spengbab

Hey...mister....Is there something wrong with me?


Spengbab is one of the top 3 members of the Skodwarde Squad, and thus is one of the most broken characters out there.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Irrelevant (Due to his status as a top tier Skodwarde Squad member, Spengbab does not fit into any conventional tier)

Name: Spengbab Squorponts

Origin: SpongeBob Squarepants (WhoBob WhatPants) | Skodwardeverse

Gender: Referred to as male, but overall beyond the concept of gender

Age: Beyond The Concept Of Age

Classification: Abomination

Powers and Abilities: Whatever he wants....

Attack Potency: Doesn't really matter. His appearance ALONE kills. Everything else is overkill

Speed: A meager concept to Spengbab

Lifting Strength: Has scrawny arms, and can still lift whatever the hell he wants

Striking Strength: Does it matter? He can drop you easily so....

Durability: I feel sorry for the poor sucker who attacks him

Stamina: Spengbab NEVER tires. Scream all day, jellehfizh all night.

Range: Above Boundless

Standard Equipment: Jelehfizhin Nett, Spatuler

Intelligence: Makes omniscient characters look stupid, for he is beyond such trivial concepts.

Weaknesses: No weaknesses, obviously.

Feats: Any feat he wants obviously

Notable Attacks/Techniques: While he can do what he wants, his go to attacks are...

  • Hai Petrix: Spengbab does a tandem attack with Morbid Patrick which consists of them saying "HAI BOB" and "HAI PETRIX" to each other, scaring everyone and leaving them with eternal nightmares
  • Snot Bubble: Makes a massive snot bubble, pops it, and it spreads everywhere
  • Who Wears The Pants: Spengbab proceeds to turn his opponent into a hairy, flabby dad type male with ultra tight pants

Key: Original Spengbab | Spengbab



Notable Victories:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • SpingeBill

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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