CrappyPasta Sonic

Gotta killin fasta!


One day, a gamer played Sonic Da Hegghogg, when all off a sudden the game froze and Sonic flew out of the screen with a scary face, making the gamer go doo doo. Sonic then spindashed the gamer to death and went fasta till everyone on Earth died. The end.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Crappy

Name: Sonic Da Hegghogg/Sonic Dot Excy

Origin: CrappyPasta/Sonicverse

Gender: Dude

Age: Older than those rats you find in the basement

Classification: CrappyPasta Hedgehog

Powers and Abilities: Going Fast, Being a Hegghogg, Killin, Da Ringz

Attack Potency: Hegghogg Level (Can kill da peepl by spindashin)

Speed: Kill fasta! (Broke the laws of physics when he burst out of the TV)

Lifting Strength: Scrawny Arms

Striking Strength: Hegghogg Class (Can grind bones into bread)

Durability: 16 Megabytes

Stamina: Super fasta go go unbound

Range: All round da urf

Standard Equipment: Da Ringz and De Emuruldz

Intelligence: Unstable Farm Animal

Weaknesses: Water, No Ringz


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