doot doot


“Thank skeltal clause“


You have been visited by trumpet skelton of the abyss good bones and calcium will come to you but only if you comment “Thank mr Skeltal“ on this picture. 

Powers and Stats 

Tier: Memetic | Skeleton level over everything

Name: Skull trumpet, Skelton of the abyss, Skelton of christmas

Origin: 3D movie maker

Gender: Male

Age: Ageless

Classification: Skeleton of the abyss, Skeleton of christmas

Powers and AbilitiesAll (His trumpet can do everything)

Attack PotencyMemetic | Skeltal level (By saying “thank mr skeltal“ he can erase everything)

Speed: Trumpet level (He can be anywhere with his trumpet)

Lifting StrengthMemetic | 2spooky level

Striking StrengthMemetic | Bones level

Durability: Memetic | Calcium level (As long people thank mr skeltal he's invincible)

Stamina: 2Spookytely infinite

Range: Everywhere

Standard EquipmentHis trumpet

Intelligence: Infinitely Beyond Omniscient

Weaknesses: Not saying “thank mr skeltal“ to him

Key: Normal | Thanking mr skeltal


Notable Victories: Every skeleton in fiction, including Azrael

Notable Losses: None

Inconclusive Matches: Trumpet Skull

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