A verse made by a former fan of the Skodwarde meme, now more or less drifting back into obscurity.

Power of the Verse

Low to high memetic possibly, given how heavily and absurdly the fan pushed the verse.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse


  • The All Seeing Eye...s (As a wise Haxorus once said; "If you can't hack them join them")
  • ThePerpetual (Friends of mine, got to appreciate some guys who can throw a party)
  • TISSG7Redgrave (Cool friends like to party and likes to prank Skod with Haruto) (note: OC (Dante) likes to do that lol)
  • CaptainFalcon64 (Loves hanging with friends, thinks the Skodwardeverse is cool) (Note: Male OC likes to prank Skod with Dante from time to time)
  • Ataberksins (Thinks it's pretty cool)
  • IAmTheBreadMan32 (Absolutely loves this verse)
  • Alexcar3000 (I love visiting this verse~! Ignore those below me, they don't know any better OvO)


  • SoyHop (Entered the verse unknowingly via omniversal+ time travel. Decided to jerk off on the Earth Masque to see how much trouble he'd get in.)
  • Professor Voodoo (The meme was fun but the fun turned to none)


Character Profiles

Other Characters


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