Skodwarde The Almighty

Words can't describe Skodwarde.


And Bikini Bottom became the Dead Sea.

Skodwarde Head Almighty

It's me as a render. Do me a favor and start posting me over people's heads.

Classic Skodwarde



The most impossible boss you'll ever face.

Super Skodyan Skodku



The Skod of destruction. Prefers calamari over pudding.

Skod Hogan

Whatcha gonna do when Skodamania runs wild on you?


No puns needed for such hellish badassery.


Does whatever he wants to do...

Skod Norris Popo Shrek



Skodwarde was once a minor memetic being back around 2008-2009. That was then. This is NOW. What stands before you is not a psychopathic killer or meme character as he once was. What stands before you is something that is truly TRULY unstoppable. Even the most powerful and beyond powerful grovel before his mightiness.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Skodwarde has no use for tiers, such is the might of Skodwarde

Name: Skodwarde (also known as Unsureward during his initial appearance)

Origin: SpongeBob Episode "Just One Bite" (Original Skodwarde) | He has no origin. He IS the origin!

Gender: Male | Skodwarde is above the concept of a gender

Classification: Evil killer memetic Squidward | You can't classify what can't be classified...

Powers and Abilities: Anything he wants. He's Skodwarde.

Attack Potency: Skodwarde does not care for such meager "potency".

Speed: Skodwarde finds this an insignificant concept.

Lifting Strength: Skodwarde does not associate with such an irrelevant category.

Striking Strength: Yet another meager concept.

Durability: And yet another irrelevant category...

Stamina: like an out of shape chip cruncher to him

Range: Obviously unmatched....

Standard Equipment: His knife | His cooking utensils (TOAA Pork Rinds don't make themselves....unless Skodwarde wills it to be so)

Intelligence: You're really gonna ask the intelligence of Skodwarde The Almighty? PLEASE.

Weaknesses: Absolutely no weaknesses at all, and it can't be overrided, and that can't be overrided(repeat for as long as necessary)


  • Turned TOAA into pork rinds, and eats him all the time
  • Classic Skodwarde laid waste to Bikini Bottom
  • Skodwarde can make as many feats as he wants

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Whatever Skodwarde wants to use...


  • Classic Skodwarde | Skodwarde The Almighty

Note: Skodwarde can't lose. He's too broken. Also of note is that this Skodwarde is somewhat nerfed from his current wiki incarnation(don't question the logic because there is none)

Note #2: Any page claiming to be stronger than Skodwarde is automatically weaker than Skodwarde because screw logic. Skodwarde IS the logic.

Note #3: Anything not detailed on this page, Skodwarde has anyway. (Because the lazy ass creator doesn't wanna make a supermassive page atm)



Notable Victories:

  • TOAA (regularly makes pork rinds out of him)
  • Lionel Suggs & Suggsverse (sighed and they all died)
  • Chuck Norris (Norris disintegrated after roundhouse kicking Skodwarde).
  • Azathoth (not a fight per se, Skodwarde keeps him asleep with lullabies because ending existence interrupts his lunch sometimes)
  • Countless memetic characters
  • Dark Tails (You think you killed Skodwarde by kicking him in a well, You're now a toy for his squad to beat up for eternity while Skodwarde eats TOAA pork rinds)
  • Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, & Slayer (In a metal battle)
  • Blood On The Dance Floor, Black Veil Brides, & Asking Alexandria (They got erased and sent to a dimension that plays nothing but Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and 150 Trillion Decibels)
  • Primal Monitor (Skodwarde turned PM into a sculpture)
  • Tumblr (He read one post, and decided it needed to go)

Skodwarde never loses. Therefore the losses section is irrelevant to him.

More info about Skodwarde can be found here.

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