Presenting one of the most hyped wrestlers and heaviest botchers in WWE history, Sin Cara! Complete with weird yellow lighting during matches!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Botchamania

Name: Sin Cara

Origin: WWE

Gender: Male

Age: 33 (Born December 22, 1982)

Classification: Human/Wrestler/Botcher

Powers and Abilities: High Flying, Botching, Light Aura(his matches are accompanied by a yellow & blue-ish light)

Attack Potency: Botch Level

Speed: SOL (As in "Speed of a Luchador)

Lifting Strength: Cruiserweight Class

Striking Strength: Hopefully enough not to trip on his own two feet.

Durability: WWE Luchador Level

Stamina: Very High (Being a luchador and whatnot)

Range: WWE Range

Standard Equipment: Trampoline(used to leap the ropes during his entrance)

Intelligence: Moderate (most of his botches were due to being unable to adapt to the WWE style. Also tried to pull one over on Alberto Del Rio and paid for it)

Weaknesses: Did i mention he BOTCHES?

Note: This Sin Cara is the original one portrayed by Mexican wrestling superstar Mistico, not the current one played by WWE wrestler Hunico.


Notable Victories:

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Inconclusive Matches:

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