So he killed a god, big deal


Shulk is a super-overrated character that dumbass fangirls think is actually - get this - stronger than Bayonetta, who is the most powerful character in Smash Bros. history by far because she's really cool and I feel very powerful playing her game. Some people even think he can beat GANONDORF! What the heck?! I don't see a Master Sword on him!

As a GameFAQs regular, it is my job to educate you on how "powerful" Shulk REALLY is. I don't even have to play Xenoblade to know.

Powers and Stats

Tier: IDK not Bayonetta level tho

Name: Shulk, LOL ALL-POWERFUL GODSLAYER BEING (called this by dumb fanboys)

Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles, a game I have never played.

Age: Um, I dunno. They don't say that in Xenoblade, do they?

Classification: Bayonetta's Bitch, Ganondorf's Bitch, Kirby's Bitch

Powers and Abilities: Really Feeling It ("it" being Bayonetta's boot up his butt), future sight (which is completely invalidated by Witch Time, not the other way around), changing his stats or something, and he has a sword thingy

Attack Potency: Who cares? (He killed a god, but video game characters do that all the time. Doesn't matter.)

Speed: Invalidated by Witch Time, inability to hurt Ganon, and IDK about Kirby. 0% faster via precog

Durability: Doesn't matter (Bayonetta can hit Shulk as much as she wants with Witch Time, and Shulk will never, ever land a hit. Therefore, Shulk can be as durable as he wants and he'd still die eventually, just like how a fly can kill you if he rams into you enough times)

Lifting Strength: I have no idea (but I doubt he can exert gigatons like Bayonetta, or megatons like Kirby)

Striking Strength: See Lifting Strength; nonexistent against Ganondorf (he doesn't have the Master Sword)

Stamina: Highest I can set it to is 300 HP IIRC

Range: Like, two feet. All he has is a sword.

Standard Equipment: That sword thingy

Intelligence: Stupid (only an idiot wouldn't just off Bayonetta before she can even think to use Witch Time if he had precog)

Weaknesses: Characters from games I've actually played.

Notable attacks/techniques: He tries to hit you with the sword thingy.


Notable Victories:

Little Mac (it was an air battle)

Notable Losses:





Zelda, the Badass Ninja Goddess


Inconclusive Matches:

Wii Fit Trainer

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