Sherbet Land


Sherbet Land MK64


Sherbet MH 3on3

Arena Summary

It's cold out tonight! It's freezing! Brrr!

Time Of Day: Night, Daytime in the 64 & Wii Versions

Weather: Snowy

Location: Marioverse (Usually Mario Kart)

Arena Size: Infinite

This Arena May Benefit: Ice/Frost/Snow/Water users, characters who benefit from the moon or nighttime (night arenas only)

This Arena May Impair: Characters with poor footing, characters with poor cold resistance, characters who can't swim

Items: Freezies, Snow Covered Trees

Starting Theme Of The Battlefield (Nighttime):
Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Music - Sherbet Land Game02:45

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Music - Sherbet Land Game

Starting Theme Of The Battlefield (Daytime):
Mario Kart 64 Frappe Snowland02:32

Mario Kart 64 Frappe Snowland

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