ScrewAttack Shao Kahn


Have you ever fought such a powerful konqueror, with 60 BILLION SOULS?! Fear his wrath!

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-B, possibly higher after absorbing ScrewAttack Bison

Name: Emperor Shao Kahn The Konqueror

Origin: Mortal Kombat/Screwattack

Gender: Male

Age: Over 10,000 Years

Klassification: Emperor

Powers and Abilities: Minor Telekinesis, Brainwashing, Teleportation, Weapon Summoning, Energy Weapon Kreation, Soul Manipulation, Dark Magic, Hydra Transformation (Wiz and Boomstick said it didn't kount though), Martial Arts Mastery (Tai Tzu, Lui He), Fireball Usage (from his mouth), Laser Beam Usage (from his eyes), Projectile Deflection(via Emperor's Shield), Soul Konsumption, Power Stealing (via Soul Konsumption), Possession Resistance, Mind Kontrol/Brainwashing Resistance, 60 Billion Soul Kount

Attack Potency: Kountry Level

Speed: Massively FTL travel speed, Massively FTL+ kombat speed

Lifting Strength: Klass T

Striking Strength: Klass EJ, Klass ZJ with his Wrath Hammer

Durability: Island Level

Stamina: High Superhuman

Range: Mid Range with hammer, Long Range with spear

Standard Equipment: Wrath Hammer, Sword Of Shao Kahn

Intelligence: Genius (Being a konquering warlord and all that)

Weaknesses: Extremely Arrogant

Notable Attacks/Tekhniques:

  • Kharging Spikes
  • Upwards Shoulder
  • Light Spear
  • Explosive Ball
  • Mystik Choke
  • Emperor's Shield
  • Eye Beams
  • Soulnado


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